Using Computers and Brain Damage: an Unhealthy Relationship

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Whether it’s due to work, education or pure recreational purposes we use computers hours upon end every day. The effects of this use generally go unnoticed as sitting in front of screens all day has become the most natural unnatural make up of the modern human being’s day. Recent studies have pointed towards a dangerous side effect however; as it has been discovered that excessive computer use can cause the brain to waste away. This article will look at the relationship between computers and the health of our brains.

The Studies

A recent 2011 study on the relationship between computers and our brains’ health showed that excessive computer use resulted in the decay of the vital grey matter that ought to be prevalent in our brains.

This grey matter is crucial for our concentration and memory, with it including regions of the brain involved in muscle control and sensory perception.

Therefore the discovery that excessive computer use can erode this part of the brain is ought not to be taken lightly.

Furthermore, negative changes in the deep brain tissue known as white matter were noticed in participants of the study. Highlighted as ‘structural abnormalities’ such damage was to the part of the brain associated with cognitive functioning and control.

How Much is Too Much?

However, the question that ought to be asked is how much is too much? Some of those working nine to five in offices cannot help but use computers for at least seven hours, five days a week. Is that amount enough to constitute as ‘too much’?

According to the studies any amount over seven to eight hours per day is too much for the health of our brains. Those working in offices are therefore advised to take as many breaks away from the computer as possible and try seeking alternatives that do not involve using a screen, when possible. Such a responsibility is yours, and unfortunately for you, it won’t quite yet be possible to seek a brain injury solicitor for excessive computer use at work!

For example, as a blogger, I’m expected to use computers to write articles every day. What I do however, is write my articles on paper, before typing them up and transferring them unto computer when they’re finished. As a result I therefore spend much less time on computers than one would expect.

This is how we ought to be thinking, as excessive computer use may very well damage your thinking!

This is a guest post.  Peter Richards is a British freelance writer and health specialist 


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