Using Mobile Phones with Hearing Aids

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using-cell-phones-with-hearing-aidsIf you have had hearing tests and determined that you need to wear a hearing aid there are a couple of things to take into consideration especially when it comes to mobile phones and finding out which ones will not cause interference with your hearing aid and which will provide optimal sound quality.

Digital devices such as computers and mobile phones give off differing radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation so when you hold a phone to your ear where there is a hearing aid you are likely to hear interference like humming and buzzing noises.

These noises make it difficult to understand speech and in some severe circumstances the interference may make the mobile phone unusable when you have your hearing aid in.

Fortunately there are a number of mobile phone features that help to make communication easier for you such as:

  • Adjusting volume settings so that you can hear the device when it rings. Phones that have the volume control on the side of the device are easier to adjust when talking on the phone.
  • Noise-cancelling microphones improve transmitted sound quality.
  • Speaker phone functions allow you to listen and speak without the need to hold the device up to your ear.

The type of hearing aid that you wear will also affect the quality of your calls. Analogue, or behind the ear, hearing aids typically feature a microphone at the front so you could hold the earpiece of your device against the microphone. If you experience a whistling sound from your hearing aid then the phone is too far away and you will need to move it slightly closer.

Often mobile phones are equipped with inductive couplers that do provide a more clear sound. Turn your hearing aid to ‘T’ and move the device about until you get optimal results.

Digital, or in ear, hearing aids seem to work the best with mobile phones. Typically the hearing aids will have a ‘T’ or ‘Loop’ switch but those that don’t have switches may not be as functional with your phone. Hearing tests will help to determine the right type of hearing aid for you.

A number of mobile phones have been designed to be hearing aid compatible. Many include Bluetooth functionality, larger screens and amplified sound suitable from mild to severe hearing loss. A T-link adapter kit can also be purchased to compliment some hearing aids and enhance mobile phone sound quality. The kits are available for people with one or two hearing aids.

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