What Android 5 May Have?

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The phones that run Android OS are the most popular in the world. And one of the best advantages of Google is that the company regularly presents the updates of its mobile operation system. Today it is Android 4.1 that rules the market. But it is likely that Google will present a new Android 5 system with a Key Lime Pie code name (the tradition of naming won’t be changed!).

Even though there are no revealed details about upcoming operating system, we have some time to dream a little of possible innovations that Android 5.0 may get. Shall we start?

1)      Multiple device support

Some small steps have already been made by Google in this very direction. I would personally want it to become a more stable system, with higher speed of work and higher level of productivity. The total sync of the data from different Android-based devices would be a good advantage of the Pie before iOS, for example.

2)      Video Chat

Today this function can be performed only by using some third-party applications, like Skype. And doesn’t Google see that with the development of high-speed mobile Internet technologies, video call may even replace ordinary calling? So, why not to build a video calling service into the Android OS itself?

3)      Multichosing in contacts

I can’t say that current contact management in Android phones doesn’t satisfy me, but there is no limit to perfection. And it would be very convenient to be able to choose several contacts for e-mailing, sms, calling… And if only it could be done by voice!

4)      Social networks

Social networks are the unique services that join people all over the world. And they may also connect people with the company. Even though Google has its own social network (Google +), it can’t boast of the high social integration of social networks into its operating system. Apple’s iOS has much more progress in it, for example.

5)      Performance Profiles

Each phone today has a volume profiles that can be set depending on the place where the user is. But what about performance profiles that could be different depending on the time of the day? For example at night you don’t use the Internet, the sound can be turned off, and apps should be closed to save the battery charge.

Of course, it is not official information about probable features; these points are only the most desired ones by current Android users.  I deeply believe that Google will introduce some very innovative specs in its Android 5.0, but it also should take into the account the numerous I-want-to-have-it requests, right?

This is a guest post written by Katherine from Intellectsoft, an advanced mobile development company. I am a big fan of mobile technologies and all new gadgets in the world. If you want to find out more about the team I work with, follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft

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