What Are The Key Benefits Of Data Backup Online?

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Online backup is a type of backup plan that people use for storing data or computer files in a remote server, rather than on the computer itself. Many peoples’ lives these days revolve around the internet, and it is not unusual for people to use internet backup as a safe mode of storage for their valuable computer files. Another name for backing-up online is cloud backup, and if you are using these services for storing important data, you may be well acquainted with its key benefits.

What are the benefits?

Let us take a look at the key benefits of backup online services:

Automated backup

With this type of backup you will always have your important computer files safely stored. Each day your backup is generated automatically, safely stored in remote servers around the world. Therefore, they remain secure in the event of fire or floods at your premises. Nothing can destroy your data, and you can retrieve everything by simply clicking a button.

Runs in the background

Online backups are quietly processed in the background, and will never interfere with your productivity. Whenever you wish to have the statistics regarding the backup, a comprehensive report on each online backup operation is available. The report will also inform you of the timings during which the backup job was carried out.

Reasonable prices

Using internet backup services requires the client to pay a subscription fee, which is very reasonable when compared with the ongoing costs of traditional backup methods, such as tapes, tapes streamers, backup servers and software. In other words, online backup is a good choice as it allows you to save money. Also at a time when electricity costs are very high, you can cut down your electricity bills to a large extent by opting for online backups, as you will not need a dedicated server 24 hours a day. If you add up all these savings, you will see that you can save as much as 60% by opting for online backup as a mode of data storage.

Remote access

The backup is restorable at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you will have all the data at your fingertips. Some service providers use carriers to deliver backed up data to their clients, and in such cases even an internet connection is not needed.

Backup online ensures privacy of the client’s stored data as a rigid encryption procedure has to be followed.

So these are the key benefits of backing-up your data online.

This is a guest post.  David Hamer is an online author and data storage expert.

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