Who Are The Biggest Tech Companies On The Fortune 500?

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The Fortune 500 is an annual register of the most profitable businesses in America. While it features companies from all kinds of industries, and the top spots are regularly filled by those in oil, banking and retail (for example Wal-Mart), tech companies do make up for a decent proportion of the corporations on the latest list.

Whether it is hardware manufacturers, telecommunications giants, consultancies or software firms, the world of information and communication technology is clearly big business.

Here are some of the biggest technology companies currently in the Fortune 500:

Apple – Ranked 6 on The Fortune 500

Apple jumped all the way up to 6th from its 17th place ranking in 2012, which suggests that the California based firm is in far better health than many suspected it might be following the death of iconic CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple is now one of the biggest and most coveted brands in the world, but it hasn’t always been easy – in the late 1990’s the company very nearly faded away.

Innovative products like the iPod, and in the current market the iPhone and iPad, along with a reputation for great design, set the company on a huge upward curve which may have slowed, but is unlikely to reverse any time soon.

AT&T – Ranked 11th on The Fortune 500

Telecommunications giant AT&T were nearly rebranded in 2005 after being bought by SBC Communications, but the name and logo proved to be too big to lose.

As a global leader in both mobile and cable consumer telecommunications services and infrastructure, the Dallas based firm have been ranked 11th in the Fortune 500 consistently for the past two years, making them the biggest non computer related tech company in America.

Hewlett-Packard – Ranked 15th on The Fortune 500

Generally known under their “HP” branding, there has been much talk about the strain Hewlett-Packard has been under with some awkward management restructuring and some controversial acquisitions in the last couple of years.

However, thanks to their strong channel based sales model and the diverse range of products they have under their umbrella (including all manner of hardware, software and accessories, as well as a consultancy division), they are still ranked 15th on 2013’s Fortune 500.

Verizon – Ranked 16th on The Fortune 500

Verizon are the second telecom company in the top tech firms on the Fortune 500. Dropping one place since 2012, the New York based mobile and internet giant spent the last 12 months streamlining its channel partnership model and expanding in terms of broadband internet and cloud services. Their revenue was a more than healthy $115.8 billion.

IBM – Ranked 20th on The Fortune 500

There was a time when IBM was very much in the shadow of other companies like Microsoft, and this was largely attributed to a lack of innovation.

However, since switching focus to their consultancy, services and software offerings IBM have both innovated and thrived. They dropped one place from 19th in 2012 to 20th in 2013, but are still 15 places above Microsoft who rose from 37th to 35th this year.+

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