Who Can You Trust in a Digital World?

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How to keep your data private from identity thieves, scammers, online stores, the government and more. With the rise of Prism and NSA trends lately, people want to know more ways of how they can keep their personal information safe and private.

In America, someone’s identity is stolen every 3 seconds. Find out more secure alternatives to what you are using now as well as how to hide your data on your phones, tablets and computers. Use personal hotspots instead of unsecured wifi is almost a no-brainer these days, but some don’t know that there are apps out there for your iPhone or Android to keep your text messages and phone calls decrypted.

A lot of the apps are even free too, while others are very cheap. When it comes to your idenity, spending a few dollars is definitely worth it. Check out more about who you can trust in a digital world.

Adam Perry designed this infographic for Signix, a leader in digital signatures online.


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