Why iPhone and Why Not Other Phones?

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Although the numbers of Android users continue to rise, figures representing Apple’s market share remain considerably strong. If you are finally considering putting your Blackberry days behind you and switching to a more widely functional smartphone, then you’re probably torn between choosing an iPhone and Android device. To help you make the best decision, you may want to consider the essential advantages that come with being an iPhone user.

Familiarity and ease of use

If you have been a long-time Apple customer, then you will probably have no difficulties adjusting or adapting to the user interface, button functions, and overall layout of the iPhone. It’s very much the same with what you can expect from the iPad and the iPod Touch. You will also notice various similarities between your Macbook and iPhone.

More applications

Android’s marketplace is still in its nascent years while Apple’s App Store is probably at its peak – and likely to stay in that stage for a long, long time. Simply put, if you require a greater level of productivity or entertainment from your smartphone then you will need to choose the iPhone. It has more and better applications to choose from. The sheer diversity of its selection is also astounding, with applications available in fields such as health, photography, music, travel, and business. All of your favorite social sites and games are likely to have their iOS versions available in the App Store as well.

Minimal malware concerns

Many people prefer using Macs over PCs simply because it means lesser headaches when it comes to battling malware threats. Expect the same hassle-free existence when you use an iPhone. Ever since the first generation of the iPhone has come out, there really hasn’t been any major problem regarding virus attacks and other malware threats for iOS devices. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Android-powered smartphones, which have been known to be vulnerable to certain malware attacks once in a while.

Exclusive Apple features

Let’s start with Siri. Although virtual assistant applications are available on other mobile platforms, none of them work quite as smoothly and as efficiently as Siri, especially with its latest update from iOS 6. The newest version of Siri now offers support and assistance in more languages. A Cell Phone Expert said that you also get to enjoy more services such as real-time sport updates, hands-free posting to Facebook or Twitter, and getting Siri to open applications on your behalf.

If you have built your business or work around Apple’s licensed programs like Pages or Numbers, then obviously you will need an iPhone to enjoy access to their mobile versions. If majority of your contacts are only available for video conferencing over FaceTime, then yes you will only need an iPhone for that, too.

Last but not the least is a new feature from iOS 6 called Pasbook, which is basically expected to serve as a secure mobile wallet for users. It can store your passport and travel information and work like e-tickets as well as virtual discount cards among other things.

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