Your iPhone – Five Reasons to Hate Siri

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siriSiri is the “intelligent assistant” that comes with your new iPhone, and Apple wants the two of you to get acquainted. While she’s still in Beta testing, Siri is voice recognition software that doesn’t just do what you tell her to  – she actually gets to know you.

Siri is designed to pick up on your speech patterns, and as a result she becomes better at interpreting what you say to her. She sounds great, and she sounds like she could revolutionize the way we use our smartphones – but things aren’t always as they seem.


Siri really isn’t that great, and you definitely don’t need her. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why Siri totally sucks. She’s more of an entertaining novelty than anything useful, and after a while you’ll probably forget ever meeting her. Here are a few of the things to hate about Siri.

She’s Really Slow

You’d think that asking Siri to answer a question or do something for you would save you the time and trouble of doing it yourself, but you’d be wrong. Siri often takes a long time to come up with a response, and she sometimes asks follow-up questions in order to clarify things, which makes the process take even longer. By the time she answers you, it would have been quicker and easier to just manually find out for yourself.

She Shouts at You

Siri can’t operate silently, so don’t anticipate being able to use her very much in public. While you can if you want to, everyone around you will be able to hear exactly what you’re doing, which is annoying for them and for you. Siri doesn’t know the meaning of the word “discretion,” and she has an irritating voice to boot.

She Requires the Internet

If you’re not connected to the Internet, you can’t use Siri, even if what you’re asking her to do doesn’t involve the web. While you can connect to the Internet over the 4G network most of the time, you won’t always have a connection, and it seems as though the times when you’re offline are the times you need her the most.

She Doesn’t Read Email

One of the cooler things Siri can do is read your text messages out loud to you. Unfortunately, her talents stop there. It would have been really cool if she could also read your emails out loud to you, but no dice.

She’s Often Incorrect

Siri is far from perfect, and one of the things Apple is working the hardest on is improving her accuracy. Sometimes she just flat-out does not understand what you’re saying, and sometimes she interprets things incorrectly, resulting in erroneous results. It’s frustrating, to say the least, when she’s unable to help you out. She can efficiently process the simplest of requests, but do you really need help with the easy stuff?

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This is a guest post.  Kevin bought his iPhone from Three mobile because he had heard great things about the Siri app. Unfortunately, he was a little disappointed with Siri when he tried her out, although he did get plenty of amusement from asking her dumb questions when he was drunk.


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