You’re Making It Easy To Steal Your Identity

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Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes reported in the United States. Often, it is thought of as a victimless crime. Those whose identities have been stolen would disagree vehemently. Today, people are making it easier for criminals to steal their identity.

A growing number of people use free WiFi at coffee shops or corner bars. These open systems are a gold mine for thieves who can capture data being transmitted via the open wireless signals. This includes passwords, bank account, email account, and other sensitive information.

Social media is a popular method for thieves of all sorts. A startling 68 percent of people share their birthday on social media sites publicly. A large population of people announce when they will be leaving town and make that information public. It’s a gold mine for thieves.

How about those people who don’t use firewalls? They’re probably among the millions who use “Password” or “Password123” as a password for everything.

Source: Your Risk of Identity Theft


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