The Relationship Files:

A blueprint for singles, daters and married couples to have a special love.

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There’s nothing in life quite like love.
The force and energy that flows from a profound connection between you and another person has the power to completely transform your life. This guide offers the answers.

  I’m ready for real LOVE!

What’s Included:

Relationship knowledge that will teach you how to:

  • Become truly ready for a good relationship
  • Understand “The Compatibility Factor” in healthy relationships
  • Find great locations to meet partners that you never thought of before
  • Follow dating etiquette to make sure more dates are to follow!
  • Learn “Relationship Don’ts” and stick with all the critical “Relationship Dos”
  • Instantly spot relationship “red flags” that could mean trouble
  • Know the difference between lust and love so you only give your heart to
    someone who will appreciate and care for it

Keep the fire of your relationship burning brightly by knowing how to:

  • Communicate openly in ways that works for you and your partner
  • Maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your families and friends
  • Form the habits all happy couples live by day in and day out
  • Romantic and memorable proposals to touch your partner
  • Use Step by Step Romance Blueprint that will keep you on track to happiness
  • Use practical relationship advice to ensure great results on your love calculator
  • BONUS: 100 romantic things you can do with your special someone
  • Instant download for only $19.99

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