Many women struggle with the question: should I go back to work after having the baby, or should I stay home with my baby? There are pluses and minuses to this argument but for most households it comes down to money. Do we need the income by working outside of the home or will we be able to afford me staying home?

This is a very tough decision and one that has a interesting answer; you most likely don't make as much money if you go back to work. If you factor in daycare, baby necessity budget, commuting cost, fast food budget and the potential of being in a higher tax bracket, most people may not even be bringing home 25% of their gross income. Using the second income calculator on you can punch in your wage and see what your actual take home pay actually is. In addition, in a household where both spouses work one earns $40,000 and the other earns $35,000 figuring out all the additional expenses the person earning $35,000 is really only bringing home $4,950. This works out to be $2.48 per hour or $412.50 per month. Would you agree that isn't very much money?

A better choice for families is for one spouse to stay home with the children while trying to help out with the family's finances by starting a work from home business. Staring a work from home business is an great way to earn money at home. There are many choices to pick from so make sure to take your time and pick the best one for yourself. Some other important things to think about are:

*Initial Cost: What is the initial cost to get started with the company? Although you should NEVER pay to work from home (those are ALL scams) this is a different situation. You are starting a work from home business and it is necessary to pay for initial inventory and to sign a license agreement to be able to use their registered and trademarked name. So you need to compare initial costs and what you get with each type of package.

*Regular Monthly Prices: Some companies charge a small portion for start up cost but then a monthly fee, while other businesses require to have a minimum monthly purchases to have a "active" account. However, there are some businesses that may not require either a minimum or a monthly charge. Its important to consider the monthly ongoing fees if you plan on starting and then stopping your business for periods of time.

*Inventory: Make sure to consider how much room is in your house for your new business. Is your office going be enough or are you going to need more space for inventory? For some people starting a business this may be a real problem. Try to figure out how often the company ships inventory or orders?

Every household's situation is different so take your time to figure out your true take home pay and whether or not you can afford to work from home. You may be shocked by the answer!