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July 3, 2020
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Bridal Shower Games Liven Up The Party

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Most women like going to bridal showers. It's not for the fancy finger foods or other snack platters that will be served, or even to sit and watch the bride open gifts. For most women, the fun in a bridal shower comes from the different bridal shower games that are played during the bridal shower. It's a time to have fun and play games with friends, family, and possibly new people you've never met before. Bridal shower games are easy to put together, and can really help to liven things up or to help serve as an ice breaker for a group of ladies who don't know each other very well.

Famous TV Couples Bridal Shower Game

To get this fun bridal shower game going, make a list of at least 20 - 25 famous TV couples, such as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, or Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Then, during the bridal shower, pass out a piece of paper and pencil to each lady, and call out only one of the names of the couple, and have the guests fill in the name of the other person. The lady with the most correct names at the end wins the game.

Touch and Feel Bridal Shower Game

To prepare for this bridal shower game, place several ordinary household items such as a remote control, large fork, light bulb, spatula, and so on, in a small cloth bag, or bag that is not see through. Then, at the bridal shower, pass out a piece of paper and pencil to each lady. Pass each bag around and have each lady feel the bag and guess on their paper what each item is. The lady with the most correct items wins the game.

The Apron Bridal Shower Game

I was able to play this bridal shower game a while back, and it was really fun. Have someone buy or bring a large apron with lots of pockets for the bride to wear. Then, bring as many different kinds of kitchen utensils you can find. Have the bride put the apron on, and help her fill up the pockets of her apron with the utensils, letting each guest see the utensils as you place them in the apron. Then, have the bride walk around the group of ladies a few times and then leave the room. While she is gone, have each lady write down as many things as they can remember that are in her apron, in as much detail as they can remember. After about 5 minutes have the bride come back in and pull everything out of the apron. The guest with the most correct wins the game.

Bridal shower games are great fun, and to me a bridal shower just isn't the same without some great bridal shower games to go along with it. Bridal shower games are fun for both the bride and her guests alike, and will really help everyone to have a great time at your bridal shower. It only takes a few minutes to put together some games together and your guests will really appreciate it.


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