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September 22, 2020
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Choose the Toughest Upholstery Fabric

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One of the biggest worries in upholstery fabric choice is regular maintenance. Food spills, stains, and regular wear-tear are a common feature and quite hard to get rid of. The best you can do is to choose a durable and resistant material that withstands the onslaught valiantly. You simply cannot replace your plush couch for granite sofa but can always purchase the toughest fabric around to give you a degree of satisfaction. Resistant capabilities of engineered fabric are higher than the natural varieties. This is especially true for materials originally designed for outdoor use such as on your patio. When you bring these indoors, they perfectly withstand the activities of boisterous kids and pets.

You shouldn't hesitate to use materials generally used in outdoor purposes, indoors. Nowadays, technology enhancements have blurred the differences in appearance between the two with the only difference being in the inner constitution of the fabrics. Naturally, those built for outdoor purposes are tougher than your regular indoor upholstery fabrics. These used to be waxy and stiff before but today these are of a much softer quality. One of the most popular choices is the solution-dyed acrylic available in different patterns and colors mimicking tweed, toile, and other material types.

Many of these are resistant to spills, fades, and offer easy clean-ability. Choices similar to solution-dyed acrylic are polyester and viscose. However, 100% polyester is not a good choice in such situations because it stains easily from oil present in food and on the human skin. Consider this fact when you make your purchase from fabric stores. Many people also buy contract fabric for upholstery purposes as these are especially fabricated durable textiles mostly used in commercial buildings. Here your choices will be limited and because of this reason contract fabrics are not very popular with private users yet.

As any interior decorator is going to tell you, one of the oft used and most recommended upholstery materials out there is leather. Nothing can beat this material because it is easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is to spray some cleaning materials and the stains come off easily. In case householders are worried regarding scratches on the surface of the leather caused by their pets or kids, the distressed varieties are your perfect choice. Here the blemishes simply blend in with the surface without anyone noticing.

Other durable options before you include linen velvet, velvet, wool, and linen especially Belgian, machine washable varieties made in Italy or England. Those looking for hardwearing choices will also find satisfaction with mohair. Its USP is that it is long lasting so it will go on and on whatever the condition or the situation. Some varieties of cotton are more durable to others and you can choose them for upholstery designs purposes. However, stay away from rayon polyester blends, rayon, and silk if you are looking for something tough and resistant to wear and tear.

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