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April 20, 2020
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Antioxidant Water Ionizer

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Antioxidant water ionizers have been around since the 1950's, although they were not as popular then as they are now. They were originally invented by Russian scientists who believed that people can create natural antioxidants from water. One out of four households in Japan have them. Water ionizers have become a part of many Korean households as well, being the health-conscious people that they are. This article will discuss about how an antioxidant water ionizer works and how they can be beneficial.

An antioxidant water ionizer converts ordinary tap water into alkaline ionized water or antioxidant alkaline water. We shall delve into the science involved in ionization technology and ionized water produced by an antioxidant water ionizer, as well as how the body benefits from it.

When water is ionized, the molecule clusters are reduced in size, thus resulting in lower molecular weight. This allows them to better deliver nutrients throughout the body and into cells, organs and tissues. Many scientists have proven that ionized water provides a quick supply of antioxidants, helps reduce acidity from the body system, balances the body pH and keeps the intestinal tract healthy.

Reducing acidity. Ninety-seven percent of all the food that we eat produces very high levels of acids. Therefore, they have to be neutralized to stop them from causing inflammation and creating free radicals that kill healthy cells. The antioxidant water ionizer helps neutralize acidity.
Balancing the body pH. Acidic foods and other elements have a pH below 7, while alkaline products have a pH higher than 7. By drinking alkaline water produced by an antioxidant water ionizer, the body pH is neutralized, especially if you have too much acid in your body. The body should constantly work to neutralize the pH balance for it to be healthier. Antioxidant alkaline water helps achieve that neutral state.

Keeping the intestinal tract healthy. It is important to keep the intestinal tracts clean and healthy to prevent diseases such as colon cancer. Antioxidant alkaline water helps achieve this. Continuous drinking of alkaline water has long-term benefits.

Truth is that unlike Japanese or Korean people, not everyone are health-conscious enough to realize the benefits that people can get from drinking alkaline water. It is important to realize that early on in your life, you should be able maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the negative long-term effects of your current lifestyle.

Not many people realize the positive effects of drinking alkaline water. For instance, the body will, at some point, become too acidic that it will dissolve the calcium of the bones if a person does not maintain the proper pH balance. This can result in osteoporosis and other bone-related problems. If you do not act today, it may be too late for you to prevent these kinds of diseases.


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