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November 22, 2020
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The Beauty Of Artificial Plants

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The artificial plants of today are nothing like they used to be. A fake plant was extremely obvious in the past with the chunks of plastic hanging off the branches and petals. Today they have become almost a fine art; creations of silk fabric and soft coating on wires. Arrangements are concocted from a variety of artificial flowers and silk ferns make excellent scenery for a fish tank, without all the extra mess in either case. Fake plants are used by many people to bring a little life to their house, without the hassle.

It isn't only table displays that can be created with artificial flowers and plants, there are even hanging baskets and vines that are made from synthetic materials. What better way to decorate the house than with plants that won't be dropping dead leaves all over the place. They also won't be shriveled up brown piles when you get back from vacationing. These are basically maintenance free and for a fairly reasonable price the house can be filled with cacti and palm trees.

Many doctors' offices opt for artificial trees in the waiting room, not only do they make the atmosphere a little more cozy, but they won't trigger any allergic reactions among patients. There are actually many business offices that choose to fill their rooms with synthetic plants.

A plastic palm tree can be placed in a dark corner and still look just as healthy after a year in that same location. Doctors' offices tend to lean more towards synthetic foliage as well.

This has to do with the maintenance situation as well as the fact that most people aren't allergic to fake plants. There isn't any real foliage or dirt that will create a moldy atmosphere, which tends to create an allergic reaction among quite a few people.

People with many animals also often opt for the safety had with fake plants. There isn't usually a family pet that will decide to eat an entire silk plant, plus there isn't any dirt to dig in.

With the combination of affordability and beauty, creating arrangements with artificial plants can add just the right amount of sparkle to a drab room. They are appreciated even by the most avid gardener, due to their realistic look. Animal lovers also find that having artificial foliage is more beneficial for the health of their pets. Many pets are set on devouring the household fern, but when confronting an artificial one, there isn't much interest.


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